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Author Interview with JJ Wenrich


Alright, so I met this intelligent man when he reached out me on Bookstagram about reading his book Teaching Kids to Buy Stocks, which I must admit took me a little longer to get to than I planned on. I was intrigued by the title almost instantly, and I honestly couldn't believe what all I learned from it. (You can find the review on here!) So of course I wanted to learn more about the man who took time out of his normally busy schedule teaching others about finance to write a very necessary book. I am thankful that he agreed, and had a sweet wife that helped make sure it got done! Let's dive in and take a glimpse into this strategic mind.

Q: What is your name and where do you live?
A: My name is J. J. Wenrich, and I live in San Clemente, CA.

Q: Are you an Indie Author or do you work with a publishing company?
A: I’m an Indie Author.

Q: What genre(s) do you write?
A: I only have one book, and it is non-fiction. I don’t know if I’ll ever write another book, but it will probably be non-fiction. That being said, I do have a ½ written manuscript for a youth novella, but not sure if it will ever get done or not…

Q: What made you want to become a writer in the first place?
A: I wanted to get my message out, and felt like a book would be the best medium to start the process.

Q: Do you work a regular job in between books?
A: Although I did take a year to focus primarily on publishing and marketing my book, I also have my own small business as an investment advisor (

Q: How many books have you published?
A: Only one.

Q: How many books do you have in the works right now? 
A: I have that novella that may never see the light of day, and I also have a 75% completed workbook that complements my currently published book, but I am not planning to publish it as of now.

Q: What was your hardest scene to write so far? 
A: Since I’m non-fiction, I don’t know if I have a “scene”, but the hardest thing for me to write was definitely the section of my book called “Story, Numbers, Expectations” – which details the most important things to think about when picking a company to invest in.

Q: How many books do you have that are not being currently worked on, but are half-written or complete but unpublished? 
A: I have a half-written workbook that complements my currently published book, but I am not currently planning to publish it. 

Q: Do you have a series developing? 
A: No, I am more interested in expanding the platform behind the book (social media, speaking engagements, collaborations, etc).

Q: Do you want each book to stand on its own, or are you trying to build a body of work with connections between each book?
A: As alluded to in the previous question, I am more interested in expanding what I can do with the platform than in publishing another book.

Q: How long did it take you to write it?
A: I spent 10 months from first word to first full draft. I spent another 6 months revising the draft with the help of suggestions from my editor and beta-readers.

Q: What routine do you have when you sit down to write a book? 
A: My routine for this book was to try to get anything that popped into my head written down, sometimes pulling over while driving or dropping everything to pull my phone out and send an email to myself. I kept an email address solely for taking notes, and eventually started putting all of the notes together. I pretty much spent every possible moment for a year and half writing and revising.

Q: Do you write it all out in long sittings or short ones (sprints)?
A: Both.

Q: Do you get exhausted or energized during writing sessions? 
A: Both. Sometimes it’s overwhelming and exhausting, but when you get into a rhythm and words and ideas are flowing, it can be intoxicating.

Q: Where do you get your ideas for your books? 
A: My idea for my book came from both my professional work, and raising my kids. 

Q: Is there another author you look up to or strive to be as successful as? 
A: While I don’t strive to be as successful as these authors, I most look up to three other finance authors: William O’Neil (How to Make Money in Stocks), Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad Poor Dad), and Dave Ramsey (Total Money Makeover).

Q: Are you a reader yourself? 
A: I love to read, and prefer fiction, but find myself reading more non-fiction lately for educational purposes. Running my book/media business and my investment advisory business has meant working very long days and weeks without much leisure time. As the businesses mature, I’ll have more time for leisurely reading.

Q: If so, are you a beta or ARC reader for anyone else? (You don’t have to name for who if you do not wish to.)
A: I am not.

Q: Do you like to read the same genre(s) you write? 
A: Kind of – I do it out of necessity more than anything. I like to learn things, and it requires reading to do so, but would rather be in chill mode and reading a Tom Clancy book.

Q: Do you have a favorite book or a book that stands out the most? 
A: My favorite books to read are fiction – my favorite author is Tom Clancy. My favorite non-fiction book is How to Make Money in Stocks by William O’Neil.

Q: Have you ever cried, laughed, or had a real emotional response to a book? 
A: I’m pretty easy to make cry and laugh – It happens to me all the time.

Q: What kind of social media do you have? 
A: For my book I have Instagram (@TeachingKidsToBuyStocks), Facebook (@TeachingKidsToBuyStocks), Twitter (@TeachKidsStox), LinkedIn (@TeachingKidsToBuyStocks), YouTube (@TeachingKidsToBuyStocks), Pinterest (@TeachingKidsToBuyStox). Also, our podcast “Piggy Banks to Wall Street” is on all major podcast providers (Apple, Spotify, etc). 
Personally, I am on Twitter (@jjwenrich2), Instagram (@sanclementejayhawk), LinkedIn (@JJWenrich), Facebook (JJ Wenrich).
(I honestly thought I had too much social media pages lol. I should have asked how he manages it all!)

Q: Do you like to connect with your readers using your chosen platforms?
A: Yes very much! It’s also a great way to network with other authors and educators!

Q: Do you have any author friends that have helped you with your writing process or just been there for support? 
A: My friend Dave Baldwin (author of “The Balancing Act” encouraged me to write my book.

Q: What was the best money ever spent as a writer?
A: Either the photographer who did our cover photo and created a photo that was the exact vision I had in my head (I wasn’t there when she shot it, as she lives in Kansas)…. Or second place might be Amazon Advertising.

Q: How does your family feel about your writing?
A: Honestly, my kids aren’t sure whether it’s cool, crazy, or just embarrassing (I have three teens). My wife has been my biggest fan and supporter. My sister, brother, mom and dad have been my other biggest fans and supporters. It’s been very humbling how supportive everyone has been to me!

Q: Is there anything about you that your readers don’t know that you would like them to know? 
A: The company I used to work for didn’t want me to publish a book while working there… I had a pretty lucrative and respected position with a major investment company, and when I told them my plans they were not supportive. Without ever reading a word of my manuscript, they denied my request to write the book and build a financial education platform. They said it would be too hard for them to manage from a compliance standpoint. (Registered investment companys and advisors have pretty intense regulatory requirements, of which each company and attorney interprets differently).
I decided that “if you don’t support me – then I don’t want to work for you”. I shocked a lot of people and quit that job, not really knowing what my next path would entail, but trusting that I would figure it out eventually.
Fast forward 18 months, and I’m glad that I made the decision I made. I’m proud of the platform I’m building around my book, and I really enjoy working with my clients of Wenrich Wealth.






Alright y'all, there you have it! JJ Wenrich has been teaching the smart way to invest or save money for a long time, and wrote a book that almost everyone needs to read! Especially during all the uncertain financial times we are all facing right now. It is never to late to learn something new! I am so happy that he asked me to be one of his readers, and that he did this interview for me. I hope that you enjoyed this interview. Be sure to check out my review and his social media!

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