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Buried In My Past (R&R Book Tours)

All right y'all so this is a super late post, but this spooky beauty came into my possession thanks to another book tour ran by Reads and Reels. Eva Mackenzie was kind enough to send me a physical copy along with some bookish goodies to go with the book. I was supposed to have this done on Thursday, but thanks to the flu and some nasty weather I am a day late. This book took me a little longer to read since I was not feeling good, however once I was fully in and able to focus it just went by really fast. This book was not what I was expecting, and I'm actually super glad that it wasn't. This book is what you would probably call a thriller that also has a story line that ties multiple point of views. I am going to be leaving a couple of them out simply to refrain from giving too much away, but it is a fluid switch between each point of view. So let's get started!

Jamie Kendal is that a therapy session with Dr. Ken trying to piece together flashes of memory she's been having lately. She has been seeing Dr Ken for 5 months but so far she hasn't uncovered much of what happened 18 years ago. Jamie just recently broke up with her boyfriend Alex when she first started seeing Dr Ken, but now Alex is always calling and dropping by unannounced. Jamie just wants to focus on trying to piece together what happened when her brother Trevor disappeared while they were away at summer camp. Once the session is over, Jamie goes back to her office where she is partner of a private polygraph examiner company.

Jamie walks in her office to find another round of Alex's unwanted flowers that she immediately sets by the trash can. She sits down and gets settled to start watching her recorded polygraph session with Roger Morgan, who is being accused of sexually abusing his daughter, when there is a knock at her door. Her boss Butch, who has been like a father figure for her, comes into her office saying that him and the other partner Edward think she needs to take a vacation. She tells him that she will think about it, but he hits her with the statement that her career depends on it. When Butch leaves Jamie gets a call from Arlington PD detective Tia Smith who needs help narrowing down suspects for a serial roofie and rape case she has at least 10 reported victims for. Jaime takes down the details of the case and tells Tia she'll look through anyone that she thinks may be a good candidate.

Jamie is finally making her way back to her condo and is thinking about how Butch told her her career depends on her taking a vacation. When she finally opens her door, she finds that all her lights are on and is greeted with the aroma of food cooking. She finds Alex in her kitchen and tells him to leave. He tries to say that he's seeing a therapist to help him deal with his disease, but she just doesn't hear any of it. When she makes it clear that she's not going to listen to him, he slaps her on the cheek. Before it can get any more violent, Jamie's elderly neighbor Stella knocks on the door to check on her. Alex leaves just then almost knocking over both women in the doorway. Jamie walks Stella back to her condo before going back into her own.

Lillian Kendal is halfway through a bottle of wine staring in her backyard for the umpth time thinking about her children Jamie and Trevor. She's crying when she hears a crash come from the basement. Lillian opens the basement door with the hopes that Trevor finally has come home when she is pushed from behind down the stairs.

After kicking Alex out, Jamie dives into some vodka while thinking about what Dr. Ken said about her mind blocking out that summer. When Jaime and Trevor were teenagers, they were at Kring Camp, Trevor and his best friend Sheldon disappeared one night. Everyone thought that Drew or one of the other camp counselors had something to do with it but no one has been arrested. The police gave up looking in the woods surrounding the camp for both the boys after months have went by with no evidence or lead.

Drew arrives at the Kendal house in response to Lillian's 11-year-old neighbors phone call. Drew gets the quick rundown of what Kyle saw before walking him back next door. Drew goes back to the Kendal house and does a sweep of the whole house to make sure no one else is there. He sees that Lillian kept Trevor's room as a shrine and thinks about that summer. Then he realize that he has to call Jamie and gets a small feeling of excitement at the possibility of seeing her again.

Meanwhile next door, Kyle goes back into his room and locks his bedroom door while he waits for his dad to come home. Kyle's mom took off a couple years ago, so when Lillian hired him to do some chores around the house she kind of became that figure for him. His dad could possibly be gone till late or all night. Kyle thinks about finding Lillian and questions if he actually heard her say a name when he walked down the stairs and if that is why he is locking his door.

Jamie wakes with the start from a dream with her mom and a shadow Trevor at 1:00 a.m. . Jamie gets into a shower to try shake off what's left of the alcohol, and is about to go to bed shortly after when her phone rings. She looks at it and sees as an unknown number but decides to answer it anyway. It's Drew calling to tell her about Lillian's accident and that she needs to come home. The next thing Jamie knows she has packed her bags and is waiting for Stella to come pick up her cat so she can leave at 5:00 a.m.

She reaches Cedar Lake hospital in under 3 hours. On the way there, she called ahead and found out her mom was on the third floor still in surgery. When she makes it up to the third floor nurses station, Jaime sees Nina, one of her childhood best friends, sitting there. Nina goes and tries to find out more info on Lillian, but comes back with no answers. Jamie asked her where the vending machine area is so she can get some coffee and try to wake up. Just before walking into the area, Jamie hears Drew telling someone on the phone that Lillian was drunk when she fell. Jamie comes around the corner saying her mom doesn't drink before listening to him apologize. She grabs her coffee and heads back to the nurses station while Drew follows closely behind her. Jamie has another flash of pain and a memory right before the surgeon comes out. He tells Jamie that he had to stop some brain bleeding. He also tells Jaime that Lillian was placed into a medically induced coma until some swelling subsides. The doctor then takes her to see Lillian in her room.

Later Jamie pulls into her mom's driveway as the sun is setting. She's about to go into the house when she noticed the door is ajar. Before she can think more or go inside, a voice in the driveway gets her attention. It's her other childhood best friend Yvette who apparently still lives at home across the street with her parents. Yvette has to head to work but she tells Jamie she'll come by again so they can catch up. Jamie finally goes inside where she finds Kyle in the kitchen on the hunt for the promised cookies he was looking for when he found Lillian. After he finds the cookies, Jaime asks him a few questions to find out what Kyle knows about Lillian's accident. Then Jamie walks him to the door and tells him goodbye after fixing the thermostat.

Later, Jamie is still thinking about how she saw Drew at the diner breaking up with his current girlfriend. Jamie went to the diner to try to get some food in her but seeing Drew there kind of spoiled her appetite. When Jamie looks at the clock it's midnight but she's not even ready for bed despite her wine buzz she has going on. Jamie steps outside and has a flash that can't be her memory, because she doesn't recognize the voices she hears. It is interrupted when she gets a phone call from her ex-best friend Emily who slept with Alex asking that Jamie to make time for her in Cedar Lake. Jamie goes back inside, locks the door, and goes into what used to be her dad's office. On the desk she finds her mom's living will along with a red folder with Trevor's name on the tab. She opens a folder and sees all the articles about Trevor and Sheldon's appearance. She also finds a handwritten letter addressed to her from Lillian saying Jamie was with Trevor that night.

Jamie wakes up sometime later in the office with the sun shining in the windows. She had a dream / memory of the night she sprained her ankle at Kring Camp, and it doesn't help her as far as figuring out what happened to Trevor. She goes into the kitchen where Kyle is sitting at the table reading a book. Kyle asks if she can take him to go see Lillian, and she says that they need to go ask his parents first. Jamie follows Kyle to his house next door and realizes that Steve, Nina's camp crush, is Kyle's dad. Steve says Kyle can go and invites Jamie over for dinner later. On the way to the hospital, Kyle asked Jamie about her job and she answers him honestly. Jamie also comes through realization that Kyle may be closer to Lillian then she is.

Drew is called to the murder scene of Emily Parker at the Willow inn. It is clear there was a struggle and when he sees her driver's license says she's from Arlington Virginia, he wonders if she is connected to Jamie. Drew watches over the other officers as they process the scene and wait for the M.E. to come pick up the body. Drew also looks at the room, and realizes that there are signs of a struggle which means that Emily was not there alone. Another officer says that he will see about getting security camera footage while Drew and the others finish processing.

Kyle and Jamie are sitting next to Lillian's bed waiting for her to wake up. Kyle tells Jamie that he is sure Lillian wouldn't blame her for what happened. Jamie gets up and says she needs to go to the bathroom to try to hide the tears from Kyle. While she is out, Nina comes in and takes Lillian's vitals while checking on Kyle. Jamie comes back into the room and it is a little awkward between her and Nina as well as Nina and Kyle. A short time later, Jamie is pulled into another memory that places her in the dark woods with a boy yelling at her to run and hide. Once back in the present, Jamie tells Kyle it's time to go while she thinks about how she needs to leave town. Jamie drives Kyle home before going into the house and packing all her stuff. Jamie decides that staying there is doing nothing but causing her pain. On the way out of town, she passes by the Willow Inn and sees all the police cars. Then she is pulled back to the same memory she had before in the hospital. She is jerked back into the present by the jerky feeling of her car crashing. She passes out from the pain is pulled back to Kring Camp to the day she spent the afternoon feeling uneasy in a paddle boat with Steve before flirting with Drew again despite knowing about Yvette's crush on him.

Drew goes to visit his dad, who used to be a cop as well, to try to get more information about the missing file on Trevor and Sheldon. However he doesn't get anywhere with his dad, because his dad is set on just letting the case go. Drew gets frustrated and leaves while thinking about how his mom used to be the buffer between the two of them before she died from cancer. While getting into his car, Drew gets a call to respond to Jamie's accident because she is refusing treatment.

Jamie is sitting on the side of the road fighting the paramedics when Drew walks up trying to calm her down. She tries to fight him too, but ends up passing out. Jamie wakes up sometime later in the hospital with Drew sitting close by her bed. Nina stops by before her shift to see how she is doing, but it is pretty clear to Drew that there is something awkward going on between the two women. The doctor comes in and looks over Jamie before discharging her with instructions to be careful, because she has a concussion. Drew takes Jamie to the impound lot to get her bags out of the wrecked car before taking her back to Lillian's house. On the way to Lillian's house, Drew asks Jamie about Emily before telling her about what he found at Willow Inn. Jamie quickly realizes this is going to be a short interrogation, and answers everything honestly. She is thinking about her answer to a question when her phone buzzes with the fifth phone call from Alex. Jamie feels a few tears fall while Drew sits quietly trying to be somewhat supportive. They pull into the driveway, and Jamie gets out of the car as fast as she can. Drew carries her bags in for her, tells her to not leave town, and then leaves.

An hour goes by and Jamie is still mad at Drew's passive aggressive interrogation. Jamie goes into Lillian's room and snoops around until she finds a box with Trevor's favorite shirt and a letter from LabCorp under her bed. Jamie reads a letter and sees that it's the results of DNA testing saying that both Trevor's and Jamie's blood is found on the shirt. Jamie wonders what it means and wishes she could have some kind of memory come back that could also give her an hour by for that night.

Drew checks in at the station to get an update on the processing of the Willow Inn crime scene before heading home. He tries to recall everything he can about that summer, specifically the night of in the morning after Trevor and Sheldon disappeared. He doesn't get very far though since his dad didn't tell him much during the actual investigation. While having a beer trying to think about anything but Jaime, Drew gets a call from the town prosecutor Ian Nelson asking about Emily. When Drew hangs up a few minutes later, the conversation makes him wonder what is going on since there wasn't an official case to investigate Emily's death.

Jamie is drinking her fourth beer in the hammock behind her house when Kyle comes up, and ask her to join him and Nina for dinner. Jamie asked Kyle about Nina, and he basically tells her that Nina has been like a babysitter for him here lately. Jamie agrees to come have dinner mainly, because she wants to ask Nina about that summer at Kring Camp. Jamie does ask her a couple questions, but doesn't get any answers. Jamie stays an hour before going back to Lillian's house. She ends up taking a short nap on the couch when she tries to work on some case files. The noise in the basement wakes her up just 30 minutes later. Jamie goes down into the basement to see if there's anything there and finds a cot tucked away into the corner near the root cellar. She starts to wonder who has been down there and for how long when a yell brings her back upstairs.

Jamie is going out her front door just in time to see Drew and another officer running towards the woods in the direction that the neighbor across the street Barb is pointing in. Jamie joins Barb across the street and asks her what's going on. Barb tells her that she saw someone in the bushes watching Jamie. Barb also tells Jamie that Lillian stop sitting on the porch about a week ago, and is about to say something else when Drew and the other officer come back. Both men are filthy and slightly scraped but empty-handed. Drew tells the officer that he wants to patrol to come through a couple times during the night despite Jamie's small protest. Before going back inside, Barb tells Jamie to come by to see her tomorrow so they can finish the conversation. Drew walks Jamie back across the street into Lillian's and does a sweep of the house to make sure no one else is there. While he is walking through the house, he presses Jamie for any reason that anyone could be watching her in the bushes. Jamie decides to tell Drew about the LabCorp letter and about the noise she heard in the basement just moments before. Jamie takes him downstairs and shows him the cot that she found before she came outside.

Drew looks over at the letter when they go back upstairs and offers to take her to talk to his dad. Jamie thinks yes after he tells her that his dad was the lead investigator in charge of trying to find Trevor and Sheldon. Drew finishes checking the rest of the house before leaving Jamie wishing that he would stay longer.  The next morning while standing in the backyard, Jaime sees the pile of rocks that Barb said she saw the man crouching behind. Jaime goes over to it and doesn't see anything out of the ordinary except four Three Musketeers wrappers. She decides to come back later and gather them up for Drew. Then she decides to go for a walk into town following the same path her and Trevor took as kids. While on her walk, she goes into Grimmly's store to refill her travel coffee mug and bumps into a man sweeping the floors that creeps her out. After refilling her coffee and is heading to the front counter when she runs into Steve who is looking a little sinister. Before it can get creepier, Drew comes to Jaime's rescue by saying she can't join Steve for dinner tonight because Jaime is going to be with Drew. Drew walks Jaime outside where they see Kyle looking for Steve. Kyle asks if she's coming to dinner, and she tells him no.

Drew drives Jaime back to the house while asking if she met with Emily the night she died. Jaime was happy about dinner with Drew later until he brought up Willow Inn. Now she is trying to figure out what happened and how everything that seemed so important a few months ago meant nothing. When they pull in front of Lillian's, Jaime tells Drew about how Emily was her best friend since college until she found Emily in bed with Alex just six months ago. She also explains that she hasn't spoken to Emily in months until she called Jaime the other day. Jaime then tells him about how Alex has been intruding on her life including being in her house the night Drew called about Lillian's accident. When Drew asks where Alex is now, Jaime says she doesn't know despite his ten phone calls a day. After confirming a time for dinner, Jaime walks inside with the feeling that someone is watching her.

Later that evening, Drew is sitting down having the dinner that Jaime made while they both enjoy a beer. He brings up the fact that he can take her to talk to his dad about Trevor's disappearance and she says yes. Then he asks her how long she is staying in town, and is a little sad when she says at least until Lillian is better. He asks why she hasn't visited, and she admits that she just wanted to leave the town and the memories behind when she headed to college. Jaime then tells him about how she only remembers bits and pieces that come to her in a total takeover dream. When she realizes that it is raining, Jaime runs out to get the candy wrappers she found earlier and comes back in showing him. Drew looks at her with her soaked blouse and decides to kiss her. Jaime lets him until she forces herself to pull away from him. She tries to get him to talk about the wrappers seriously, but it leads to Drew saying that he could stay at her house until the man was caught. This somehow leads to him kissing her again with desire that leads to them laying on the kitchen floor. However Jaime gets pulled back into the woods 18 years ago where she hears Trevor telling her to run while she lays in the mud. Jaime tries to run away but falls back to the ground as she feels blood running over her body. Jamie comes back into the present where Drew is trying to calmly coax her back before pulling her into a hug while she processes what she just remembered...

Will Jaime ever fully remember what happened the night Trevor and Sheldon disappeared? Will Drew find Emily's killer, Lillian's attacker, and finally close Trevor's case? Will Jaime ever figure out who was watching her and who is living in the basement before it's too late?

I absolutely loved this book! It was spooky, terrifying, and had you hoping for something positive to happen! I will admit that there was a few moments I was creeped out because of how well Eva Mackenzie wrote the story, but I just couldn't put it down! This book will have you trying to figure out what happened 18 years ago as well as what is going on in the present time. I have to give a huge thank you to Reads and Reels Book Tours for including me and being so understanding when I was sick. If you haven't added this Indie Pub to your TBR pile yet, what are you waiting for? Head over and get links to buy the book for yourself on my page:

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