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Let's discuss this chilling classic that has seen the inside of many, many homes and bookstores, as well as the movie screen. Not only is it one of Stephen King's most famous works out there period, it's a horror classic that will forever stand the test of time. I mean come on, a couple teenagers and an evil car?! What's not to love?

We met two teenage boys, Arnie and Dennis, who have been best friends since they were school kids. Grew up on the same block, went to the same school for as long as they can remember, and yet no one can seem to understand why they are such good friends. Arnie is what most people would consider a nerd, an outsider, or simply a loser. He would be bullied on a daily basis if it wasn't for Dennis, who was the golden boy. Dennis was on the football team, well liked, and more importantly was the first one of the duo to get a car. Arnie's parents were the type that would be considered today as helicopter, and couldn't stand Dennis for multiple reasons. If they had their way about it, the two would have never been friends to begin with. Anyways, Dennis does his best to look out for Arnie, but one day Arnie does something that no one saw coming.

During a drive home, Arnie spots a rusted out 1958 Plymouth Fury that was sitting in an old man's yard with a faded For Sale sign in the window. Dennis tried to talk Arnie out of buying the car for many reasons, but Arnie just wasn't having it. Arnie had to have the car like "she" was calling out to him, so money exchanged hands, and the boys went along their way. Dennis followed Arnie home, and listened to the fight break out between Arnie and his parents. Of course, they said the car couldn't be parked at their house if Arnie insisted on keeping it, so Arnie took it to a scarpyard/garage. It allowed Arnie to rent out a space to work on the car as well as work for parts.

Time goes by, and Arnie is more and more obsessed with his car, which has been named Christine. He gets her all fixed up, and starts driving her around town. He is suddenly a coolish kid that gets noticed by a cute girl named Leigh. Eventually Leigh becomes a permanent fixture in Arnie's life and strange things start happening to Leigh while she is sitting inside Christine on her dates with Arnie. She gets locked into the car alone and exhaust starts coming in through the vents at the drive inn when Arnie gets out of the car. A few other things happen that push Leigh to the point of refusing to step one foot into Christine despite Arnie's protests that she was just jealous.

Dennis also starts to notice strange things happening. Arnie is possessive of any one else touching his precious Christine. Arnie spends more and more time at the garage fixing Christine over and over, especially after some bullies break in and demolish her. Arnie starts to push everyone away, despite Dennis and Leigh trying to constantly push themselves into his life.

I won't give too much more away, although I'm sure most of you have already read this chilling thriller that has been around for decades already. I can honestly say that I have personally read it at least six times, and reread it this time in a couple days. As always you can find links to purchase this amazing novel on my page:

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Once Upon a Dream

Alright y'all, you should know the story of Sleeping Beauty by now, but have you ever wonder what would have happened if she never woke up??? I sure didn't until I saw this beautiful book on the shelf during one of my many trips to the discount stores. The cover is amazing by itself, let's just be honest, but the story was better than I could have imagined.

We open up to the typical ending that we all know by heart when we hear Sleeping Beauty. The dragon is dead and the prince is on his way up the stairs to kiss her awake. However, when he gets there he falls asleep right along with her. I know crazy right?! I was definitely puzzled but hooked in almost instantly.

Next, we learn about an alternate reality where Maleficient has decided to save the kingdom along with Aurora from the evil king and queen that have destroyed the world outside the castle walls. They have given their daughter away in hopes of simply defeating all their foes which leads to the castle being surrounded by deadly vines that block out the sun, animals, plants, and more importantly the dangers.

It has been many years of everyone inside the castle that was there when the vines became overgrown on the walls have been trapped together. They have grown accustomed to depending on Maleficent for everything. She provides their food, clothing, and settles all issues like she is queen. They have monthly balls as a way to "distract" them from their unfortunate circumstances.

However, Aurora has started to question certain things she is being told as she nears her sixteenth birthday. After all this time is it really still unsafe to go outside? Why can't I see any of the pictures anymore? Where do the people that become exiled really go? What is next for me in life if Aunt Maleficent won't teach me how to run the kingdom?

She starts asking questions that she knows she'll never truly get the answers too. Until finally one day during another ball meant for her birthday does she see something that helps her understand why she feels so out of place... She sees Maleficent kill a lady in the court while peering through a mirror that shows Aurora sleeping. So Aurora runs until she reaches the wall covered in vines and climbs down.
She runs through the woods until she runs into Prince Phillip who helps her learn about the real world and helps her deal with the memories that start to flood her mind. Slowly she learns that she is in a dream world created by Maleficent for reasons unknown. Together Aurora and Phillip battle demons sent to stop them and lure them back to the castle to reach the cottage in the woods where she was raised by the three fairies.

Now I won't reveal too much more because I really hope this is a book all Disney lovers buy. It definitely surprised me and I can't wait to buy the others in the series. As always you can find links to buy the book on my page:

Monday, April 22, 2019

The Clockmaker's Daughter

This one y'all was a long one, I mean over 400 pages. It took me a couple months to read, and I'll admit reading other books in between probably didn't help, but hey. It is well written, but I will admit there are about 100 pages that I honestly think were not needed in the story. It can be a little confusing at times for the simple fact that it has a total of three p.o.v.s, but there are only two throughout the main part of the book.

The whole story is set around this mysterious satchel and sketchbook that is found by a woman in 2017 that is unsure of herself as she plans her wedding, but it was owned by a man in the 1860's. The 2017 woman's name is Elodie, and she finds this satchel containing the sketch book while working her job as a historical items such as first editions, photographs, and many other items that can sometimes be found in museums. The owner of the satchel is an artist named Edward, and his secret wife is our second main character and p.o.v. named Birdie/Lilly.

Elodie is set to marry a man that comes from a wealthy and well known named family. Her own mother is dead, her father is elderly and very easy going, and her mother-in-law is very controlling. Her fiancee continues to push her to do as his mother wishes in order to keep the peace, but in turn pushes Elodie further away from him as the wedding date comes closer and closer. Once she has discovered this mysterious and intoxicating satchel and sketchbook, she becomes obsessed with finding out the back story behind the pictures in the book. For inside the sketchbook is a hand drawn picture of a house that she has heard described in a fairy tale passed down through her family for a couple generations that she thought for sure was pure fantasy.

We cut to the first time we met Birdie as a young child with a loving father who repairs and makes clocks for a living during the early 1800's. Young Birdie knows that her father wants to set for America soon, but wakes to find herself in the care of a woman named Mrs. Mack who turns her into a child pickpocket. After many years of doing as Mrs. Mack says under the watchful eye of her son, Martin, she runs into Edward who decides that he must use her as his model for his next painting. After some convincing and exchange of coin for Birdie's, now going by Lily, services as a model, she begins to spend days on end with Edward. Eventually they fall in love, and Edward tries to whisk her away from Mrs. Mack for good.

We cut back to Elodie who is still struggling with the wedding quickly approaching while trying to find this house in the sketchbook while she uncovers details about Edward that no one seemed to bother unearthing before. She eventually finds the house only to discover it is now a museum dedicated to Edward himself.

In between Elodie's narrative we learn more and more about who Edward was a person, brother, artist, and man from Lilly's ghost that watches over the house/museum called Birchwood Manor. She has flashbacks about her time with Edward and what happened the Summer of 1862. During these memories, we are introduced to our third p.o.v. of Edward's youngest sister Lucy. They both tell us the events that lead up to a horrible crime that occurs during their stay at Birchwood in 1862.

I won't reveal the crime or much more detail for two reasons. First and my reason for all details left out is I don't want to take away anything that will turn down the urge to read the book yourself. The second reason is simply because the book was so long with so much detail that there is honestly too much to write in a review. I hope that the little bit of detail I have revealed intrigues you enough to purchase the book yourselves. As always, you can find the link to find the book for your own pleasure on my page:

Thursday, April 18, 2019

The Probability Of Miracles

This one was another dollar store find that I originally thought would be good for my eight year old daughter because she is reading almost two grade levels ahead, however it turned out to be a book better suited for a teenager due to some language that I am just not ready for her to read yet. Anyways, this was a good book that definitely surprised me. It is a cancer kid book, but not like any other I have read.

We met Campbell "Cam" Cooper who has been battling cancer since she was ten, and has finally had enough of the rollercoaster life she has had for the past seven years. Her mom tries all kinds of treatments and superstitious "cures" that take them all over the place. She has lived most of her life at Disney's Polynesian in Florida working along side her parents for as long as she can remember before her dad died. Now she works for money to do normal teenage things like buy a car, or simply have her own money that she has a say in how it is spent.

After her high school graduation, Cam comes home to discover that her mom is taking her to Promise, Maine, on another search for a magical miracle since Cam refuses to go to Tijuana to investigate this medicine man that cures all. After a little argument she gives in with the agreement that they stop to see her friend along the way from a cancer camp she was going to during the summers. They set off and make the stops that they both agreed upon, and eventually find their way to Promise. It is definitely not like any other town they have traveled to in search of a cure, but Cam is still hesitant.

After some time goes by, she starts to make friends, and actually feels a little better. Her mom is convinced it's the town, and Cam doesn't know what to think, but enjoys the time she doesn't spend in bed or a hospital. She even falls for a boy that shows her that not everyone is the same. There are a few things that happen to support that Promise has a magical way about it, but I won't reveal them out of fear of ruining your urge to read it yourselves.

I thoroughly enjoyed every page of this book. I had a hard putting it down once I got really into it. I was hooked after the first fifteen pages, which I know sounds like a lot, but it is actually a larger print than I'm used to reading. If you feel the need to read it as I did after reading the back cover you can find links to buy on my page:

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Golden Child

Alright y'all, I'm not gonna lie, this one was a little hard to read towards the end. It was still a good book, very well written, but the ending just wasn't what I was expecting....

Set in Trinidad, we met a family that is probably what we consider lower middle class today. A hard working father named Clyde who makes sure his family has food, shelter, and protection. A mother named Joy who has been a homemaker since the day the twins were born. Then there's the twin boys who may look a like as normal twins do, but are very different from each other; and I don't just mean in personalities either.

The first twin is Peter, and he is normal in most ways except for his incredible smarts and old soul personality about him. Peter has shown from his first day of school that he is very bright and will go to a very prestigious college one day. However, just like every good "big" brother has this desire to protect the other twin Paul. Paul was born with some oxygen deprivation and was always told that he was "retarded" or "very slow", despite his Uncle Vishnu (who is also a doctor) telling everyone he is just fine. That he will be just fine in his own way.

Fast forward through the usual first days of school and it is becoming more and more clear to Clyde and Joy and all the other adults in the family that Paul is just not set for a future like Peter. Strings have to be pulled to keep the boys in the same schools and same classes because they are all convinced that Paul cannot survive without Peter. So here we are after they turn thirteen and Paul is learning how to simply navigate through life at the bare minimum to keep everyone else happy and feeds into the idea that he is retarded until he meets Father Kavanagh at St. Saviour's. 

St. Saviour's is their version of high school, and once again strings have to be pulled to get Paul in when Peter gets in on his smarts alone. Father Kavanagh is Paul's teacher who decides that all Paul needs is extra attention and help, and in some areas he is right. However, Paul still feels everyone looking at him as the slower twin with wild hair that doesn't talk a lot. Peter is always seen as the one who will go far in life with his brains and well behaved attitude.

One day, Peter, Paul, and Joy are home alone when a couple of bandits break into the house, which is not uncommon during this time in Trinidad. They come looking for money that the family does not have. They of course threaten to kill them if they don't tell them where the money is, but they find nothing and start to leave. Paul tries to stand up to them and calls their bluff about shooting him. They leave, and the family is left to process and deal with what has happened. 

Some time goes by, and Paul has had enough of people telling him he's dumb, and not going to amount to much in life. He has skipped school for a day and is sitting in the bush (small patch of jungle) contemplating dropping out of school and getting a job. During the time he is sitting there thinking, he sees the same bandits that broke into his house. They approach him, and take him to a halfway built house on the other side of town. They call the parents, and go through the usual set of demands...

I won't give too much  more detail because it will ruining the ending, but I will say that it is not what I expected to happen. It was hard for me to read as a parent for many reasons, but I still recommend it and hope that you will read it. If you want to purchase the book, please check out my page:

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One Day In December

So this was one of my favorite books that I read during Christmas time. Yes, I know everyone expects to hear about a Christmas love story, but this doesn't just take place during one Christmas. So, it's not your typical Christmas time love tale, and it definitely does not end up in happy ever after right away.

So it starts out with the typical strangers glace at each other from across the way, in this case one was inside a bus while the other was out on the street, and they immediately hesitate and don't move towards each other in time. Well, a whole year has gone by when we check in with the woman who was the one on the bus. She has told her best friend all about that day and has been obsessively looking for the guy at the bus stop ever since. She looks for him every where each time they go out, but it's all for nothing. Fast forward to New Year's, and she's waiting with her best friend in their loft for their traditional party to start and the friend reveals that her new boyfriend will be joining them.
So boyfriend shows up, and low and behold it's bus stop boy.

They both realize who the other is but never says anything to each other. So for a couple years they both assume that neither of them remembers that fateful day a year ago. So you can just imagine the awkwardness in the beginning, but it gets slightly easier over time until one day she just can't take it anymore. She takes her chance once her friend breaks up with him once she realizes that the man she thinks she is in love with is really the one that she listened to our female lead talk about for a year straight.

Well, let's just say that it does not end the way you would think where they end up together just because the friend is no longer in the picture. They still struggle with how they feel after all this time of hiding from each other and pretending that there's nothing more between them. I won't reveal the ending because then you have no reason to buy the book, but it was definitely a must read for me since it was a story about two adults going through real struggles when they finally found love.

If you are just dying to find out how the story ends, you can find links to buy it on:

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

The Kiss Quotient

This was a book I got using my subscription and I feel in love almost instantly! It's not a typical love story which I love more than anything when it comes to the romance genre. It's also well written and flows very smoothly. I honestly couldn't put the book down unless I forced myself to. I probably would have finished it in one day instead of three if I had a free schedule.

It's all about a woman who has Asperger's syndrome (which is a developmental disorder that is characterized by difficulties in social interaction and nonverbal communication) who wants to find love now that she has a successful career, lives independently, and just honestly wants to stop being asked when she is getting married. Now without giving away too many details away on the how, but she does find love in a very unconventional way. She has had relationships that have honestly failed due to her intimacy issues that stem from her difficulties with social interaction. To clarify though she is a high function woman with Asperger's, so she does live a pretty normal life.

She decides that she wants to get over her awkwardness when it comes to sex and all the other small intimacies that men expecting during a relationship in order to move on in her life to the next normal step for people her age. She hires a male escort who thankfully has the patience of a saint. Without revealing any key facts about the story, I will admit that her plan works, just not in the way she intended it to.

If you want more details on how that goes, you'll just have to buy the book. Links are of course available on:

The Paradox of Vertical Flight

So this was another dollar store find that is an oddball to me. It takes you through one man's journey during his college years that makes you think about decisions you made during life changing moments, you know those moments that define your life.

In this book, we meet a college student who is obsessed with old Greek philosophers, his favorite is Socrates. He wakes up on the day of his birthday ready to kill himself, but is stopped once his receives a phone call from his ex-girlfriend. She is currently in labor with his kid. I know surprise surprise right? Well, this isn't typical "I was drunk and made a mistake" type situation. However, this is the typical she told him and he freaked out to the point of them breaking up situation. Anyways, so she's in labor and wants him to come say goodbye because she is giving the baby up for adoption.

He gets there, and does the dumbest thing you could honestly think of, he takes the baby out of the hospital and tries to run away to his grandmother's house miles away. I know, kidnapping a newborn is pretty gross to do as a human being, but just wait. He ends up getting an old childhood friend to help as well despite the fact that his friend thinks he's insane for doing so. The ex-girlfriend even ends up tagging along for the ride. They spend two or three days going through this insane journey of taking this sweet baby, which the father has named Socrates of all things, to meet a grandmother that he will never grow up knowing. They start out in the friend's truck, stop for the night at some random couple's house by accident, and then they're on the friend's boat.

Now, I know what you're thinking, "Why hasn't anyone called the cops?", but don't worry they were called by multiple people. So they are avoiding the cops as much as possible while still fighting to get to grandma's, hence ending up on the boat. Along the way the kid is talking to his newborn like he really is Socrates, and crazier thing is that Socrates the Greek philosopher is answering back in this dude's head! I know, he's probably going crazy and that's why he's basically talking to himself, but you all have to admit that you talk to yourself or a dead relative or friend every now and then when you are trying to make an important decision in your life.

Not to give too many details away, but they make it to grandma's before the cops finally catch up to them. In the end though, even though it doesn't explain how, he is sitting across from little Socrates as he is celebrating his high school graduation. I wish there was more details on how that came about, but sadly there isn't. It honestly made me think about my own thoughts and feelings during some of my own life changing decisions, and I hope it does for you too.

To purchase you can find links on my page:

The Young World

This was an amazing dollar store find as well, but I was extremely surprised to discover that the author is none other that the director of American Pie, the Golden Compass, and a few others, Chris Weitz. He definitely took apocalypse to another level by making the only survivors teenagers. I know, it's hard to believe it, but yes it is a teenage post apocalypse book. It is the first of a trilogy, which yes I will review once I have my hands on them. 

It is a multi-pov book. There are two main points-of-view (pov) that we follow, however they are not the characters that we hear about. The thing that caught my eye about this book was the fact that no adults survived, but also no child survived that was under the age of thirteen (don't quote me may be off by a year or so). So the world is only filled with kids that also die once they turn 18 from a virus that was let loose on the world. They go through the usual rebellion stage of sex, drugs, and drinking, and they discover that no one gets pregnant. So they are literally the last people on Earth, the world is run by teenagers. Now the group we focus on is not the only group in the world, but every other group that is out there is full of teenagers as well. 

It starts set in Washington Square Park in New York, but they eventually are forced to travel outside of their own safe community in search of answers and quite possibly a cure. There is the expected violence and blood shed to be expected in a post apocalyptic book, but it's not near what you would expect in an adult version. However, there are a few twists and turns that even I did not expect to find, which I guess I should have known would happen since the author is a director of some pretty iconic films that most people in my generation have watched...

Anyway, we have two povs because they are both in love with each other and are afraid to admit it and know that death is in their future no matter what they do. So instead they simply work side by side convinced that nothing good will come from a relationship doomed once they each have their eighteenth birthday. They fight side by side, lead the group that has ventured out with them, and simply try to survive while figuring how they truly feel.

Throughout this story, there are multiple dangers that force these teenagers to keep moving on from place to place in order to seek out what one of their friends believes may be a cure and the birth place of the virus that robbed them all of parents, siblings, and any one else that is not going through puberty along with them. We have one group that is set on taking over Washington Square Park, a library full of cannibalistic nut jobs, and another group that has figured out how to live a somewhat normal life with actual resources that help them survive. 

Now it does end in a cliff hanger of course, but what else do you expect in a trilogy? The end up in a lab that is in fact the birth place of the virus, but it holds so many more secrets than that. I will not give much more detail, because again I want you to read the book, but I am very excited to read part two, which I have purchased and am simply waiting for it to arrive in the mail.

Of Beast and Beauty

So this amazing retell of the classic story of the Beauty and the Beast was one of my favorite dollar store finds. Everyone knows the basic storyline: One man is a beast on the outside with a loving personality underneath nobody sees due to his appearance until one day a beautiful, smart, and independent woman comes along and sees the real him over time. Well in this version it is set in a world where there are only two types of people left. One type is pale, fragile, has a monarchy with a royal family that sacrifices their queens and princesses "for the good of the people" that lives under a glass dome to separate themselves from the harsh elements of the outside world called the Smooth Skins. The other type is stuck in the hot, harsh, unforgiving elements of the desert world that has become the new reality, and they have bodies that reflect such element called the Monstrous. Their bodies are covered in thick skin, have different physical "deformations" for each individual, and sadly are starved and forced to invade the glass domes of the Smooth Skins.

The two main characters (our Beauty and the Beast) is Isra, the blind Smooth Skin Princess who questions everything about how her city is run and the rules they have all blindly followed for as long as anyone can remember, and Gem the Monstrous who wants to save his people any way he possibly can. These two meet when Gem breaks in the glass dome city known as Yuan with his father and other people from his tribe. Gem is captured and held prisoner when he tries to steal a "magic" rose from the royal courtyard where Isra likes to sneak down to and will be eventually sacrificed to "save the people". Since Isra is blind she does not have her eyes to show just physically frightening Gem is and starts to spend time with him despite what everyone tells her about Gem and his people.

The more time they spend together, the more Isra starts to questions the customs and rules that she has grown up learning to follow. She knows that there are people in her city that are "whole and untouched" by any physical deformations that are considered the upper class, and that are people who have only a few unpleasant physical attributes that are considered the lower class but none of them are bad enough to be sent out of the city. She also knows that Gem's people are actually people that have been banished from the city and forced to evolve physically to survive in the harsh world outside the "safe" dome.

Fast forward to the part where Isra actually starts to fall for Gem slowly and has to break through Gem's emotional walls to show him that not every Smooth Skin is the same. It takes a lot for them to show each other that what they have been told about their people does not apply to them personally.

I won't give too many details away, because I want you to read the book, but just know that this is definitely an exciting and capturing twist on a fairytale we all grew up hearing, watching, and reading.

To buy you can visit my page that I have set up that will have multiple links:

Hello Everyone!

Hello everyone!

Thank you for visiting the blog! This is just a post to let you guys get to know who I am and why I chose to do this.

I am an elder millennial stay-at-home mother of three, and I am married to an amazing man who has learned to deal with my book obsession during the past decade. I say elder millennial because I was born in the early 1990's but I do not believe I am part of the same generation that most people see millennials as, but that's another discussion for another time....

I can proudly say that I have more books than I know what to do with and am always on the hunt for more. I currently have a subscription to BookoftheMonth club, have a wishlist a mile long on Amazon, and hit up lots of stores in my area for books. I know what you're probably thinking, "Why not just write reviews on those websites then?". Well that answer is simple. There never seems to be enough space for me to write my full thought on the book. They always want your thoughts on the book to be under 200 characters. Let's face it, that is no where near enough for a real book enthusiast.  So, I chose to look into writing my own space to write what I want about the books I read with as many words as I find necessary.

The next thing I am sure you are thinking is why would anyone want to hear what a "lazy, sits around the house, mooching off her husband" stay-at-home mom (which I'm not by the way, my husband actually loves having me at home and I love the time with my kids, but I still bust my butt every day) has to say about a book I may never read? Well, I actually get asked for book recommendations all the time. I love having discussions about books to other people that get just as excited about a good book like myself. I don't just mean my friends and family either. I've had discussions with people almost everywhere I am browsing books.

I don't just read one particular style, genre, or author base either. Do I have my favorites? Of course, what Book Dragon doesn't? However, that does not mean that I snub others. I have a wide range of books on my shelves that range from young adult to paranormal to mysteries. That is just a few to give you an idea of what you can look forward to see on here.

Now let's address why I chose to call myself a Book Dragon. Yes, I do know that the term is Book Worm, but that's not how I see myself. I have no shame in my love for books, and am actually passing that love down to my children. For years everyone has seen people who love a good book as a nerd or a geek, but that's just not true. I am, for example, an extreme book enthusiast that loves good bargains on books, actively seeks out new books and classics weekly, but I am also a tough mother who will tell you how it is as bluntly as possible. Therefore I am not a "meek nerd" like most people saw me as in high school. So, I decided that it was time to change how people saw myself.

I also choose to use the the term Book Dragon, because I want other people to feel confident enough in themselves to show the world that you can love books and still be pretty badass to put it bluntly. I know there are other Dragons out there that want a safe place to discuss their passion without judgement. Hence, why I chose to venture out and start a blog for the first time ever.

Anyways, so that's a basic run down of who I am and what to expect on here. Thanks for reading, and please, please feel free to comment on any post. You can even email me with book suggestions or to have a discussion at or find me on Instagram, Facebook, or Goodreads.

Author Interview with J Lynn Hicks

Alright y'all, this is another amazing author that I met through the FB Group Dystopian Ink. I haven't read her books yet, but I did...